April 05, 2010

on easter, my cousin gave us a bottle of his homemade mead. or honeywine. it was made with honey from our beehives! happy to say... he won first place in frankenmuth's annual mead-making contest! two more bottles are heading to the national mead contest in new hampshire! i'm thinking it's my fence row of goldenrod and mega-giant sunflowers, which our bees went wild over.... that took his mead to the finish line!
i finished phillipa gregory's boleyn inheritance, last night. to think that society today believes life can be so rough. or they've been dealt a bad-hand.... pales in comparison to what happened in the 1500's england. king henry was about as evil as the come.
today, i started mr. emerson's wife by amy brown. a historical fiction about philosopher ralph waldo emerson and his friend, henry david thoreau.
what's your latest read?


Sue said...

Congrats to your cousin. I wish him the best when he comes to NH!

Mr. Emerson's Wife sounds like a very intriguing book. May have to check it out from the library on my next visit.

jamie said...

That sounds like an excellent book. I really like Emerson. I am reading Here Burns My Candle, by Liz Curtis Higgs. It takes place in Edinburgh Scotland during 1745. Prince Charles is trying to overthrow King George. It is an allegory of Ruth and Naomi.
Congratulations to your cousin...hope he wins!

Anonymous said...

I am reading " How to Slice an Onion-Cooking basics and beyond" bu Bunny Crumppacker ( really that is her name lol)- Janet M

Anonymous said...

oh and congrats to your cousin :)