March 05, 2010

five on friday!
1. treadmill 2 miles & watched shepard smith.
i adore his accent.
2. learned along with my 12 year old,
about renewable and non-renewable energy.
we watched 3 you-tubes
on the subject and took 3 on-line quizzes.
i love neok12 for self-education. and i love math.
3. will be watching glenn beck at 5pm today. and not
blinking my eyes. not even once. hyperbole.
dinner prep can wait. this man has an amazing
message today. you can go to to
read more about it and maybe even listen via audio.
4. cleaned the house like a mad-woman. bedsheets washed,
magic erased everything, and vacuumed in weird places.
and since we're on the subject... don't you just love magic erasers?
5. will be spending my friday night sewing and reading. my
nose is buried in, the boleyn inheritance. can one ever read
enough about english royalty and okay, i'll say it.... english sex-scandal?
(you didn't really think i was miss goody two shoes, now did you?)
smile, wink, nod.
a good friday night to you!

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