March 07, 2010

feeling orange!

new orange craft fabric- found at salvation army 1/2 off sale.
i have no plans for this, but it sure is perky!
you are welcome to click on the picture and use it
for your own craft needs or desktop.

i just picked up this book cold tangerines by shauna niequist.
.50 cents at salvation army.
why it ended up on the bottom shelf at salvation army,
is a mystery to me? why didn't the previous
owner keep it? why didn't she give it to a friend?
remarkably real and sweetly written. here's the link to
shauna's cold tangerines website... you can read a few
chapters on-line.

i just received this! can you guess what it is?
yep! it's an orange tree! my mother-in-law
brought it back for me from florida.

orange jell-o.
how can you possibly feel the winter blues with
this looking at you? cheap thrill!

1 comment:

jamie said...

What a cheerful post...makes my day! :-)