March 04, 2010

totally hooked!

in between this, that and the other...
i squeezed in
time to make this shabby chic, rug-hooked chair pad!
i used an old piece of burlap. sketched a homemade
whimsical pattern onto it and cut up strips of pajamas, sweaters,
old ugly dresses and good pieces of recycled wool.
then, with my mom's hook... i hooked!

i totally love experimenting with different textures and fabrics!

to give you an idea of the different fabrics i used here's a brief list...
from left to right:

periwinkle color= silk fabric
blue/green/white= old cotton bed sheet
pink= stripped wool sweater
peach, orange and blue= wool
yellow= cotton tee shirt



~Byn There said...

hey! email me so I have your email at my mom's house. I need to make an appointment with you.

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! I want to be able to do that--want to give us a tutorial???? please ;)

Anonymous said...

how pretty! you amaze and inspire me- Janet M

Anonymous said...

how pretty! you amaze and inspire me!- Janet Mell.

Mitzi Curi said...

I love your hooked art work! It is truly amazing....does that take you a long time? I think vintage hook rugs are great, but they are so expensive and hard to find anymore. Someday I'd love to try making one myself. Thanks for the inspiration, you are phenomenal!