February 11, 2010

second hand rose, day 4 (already?)

favorite shoes ever: maryjane's from a church garage sale last summer. something like .50 cents or a quarter. nice black immigrant cotton tights. $3.

sitting on my man's tractor. that'd be me... in a super soft black knit scarf from the thrift shop .25 cents. eddie bauer grey embroidered and even lined...skirt .25 cents- church thrift shop. same black specs: $1. goodwill.
this outfit was a little difficult to meander around in. my hips need a fuller skirt.. not pencil-thin... but it worked. i just couldn't take my usual big, uncoordinated steps in it.
still loving to dress up everyday. you're right miss sallie dee... i do feel more girlie!

if you were here in real life, you'd find this
slightly tacky cupid vase, under my valentine tree!
it is ceramic white. also, found it at the thrift shop for .39 cents.
now, how about a really good freebie? a free regular sized bottle of excedrin medicine? click here... it took me only 30 seconds to apply for this. just make sure not to choose, "excedrin."


jamie said...

I LOVE those shoes! Mary Janes are the best! I think the scarf is also a nice touch with the outfit. Target sells warm tights and this time of year, they should be on sale soon.

Lynn said...

You look great! I am enjoying seeing all of your great finds. I know what you mean about the skirt. Occasionally I will put something on that just won't let me move quickly enough and I usually end up changing to something with more fabric! :)