February 10, 2010

second-hand rose day 3 thrift shop fashion show!

warm embroidered headband: .25 cents at the church thrift store.
black specs $1. goodwill. warm knit scarf .25 church thrift store!
black cotton skirt: $3.49 at goodwill. ivory long john shirt: $1.49 goodwill half off day, black polar fleece donna karan sweatshirt .25 cents at the church thrift shop. wild turkey.... free. it was blowing around on the side of the road and we picked it up... just for fun!

black leg warmers... a real must-have in michigan for skirt-wearing chicks! just a couple of dollars at wally world. yep, and there's my boots again! i was off to run "mom" errands: grocery store, post office, bank, etc.

day three finds me still loving to wear skirts!
they are not complicating my life at all.
because i'm just over 5 foot tall...
i find that i look ridiculous in long skirts.
hence, the above the knee style.
i'll leave you with a snap of homemade felted heart cookies, which
i made last year. they sit on a pretty floral plate, near my valentine


Lisa said...

You are soooo cute! Love your buys! I should let you dress me. lol

Sallie Dee said...

Now that's my kind of outfit! It's functional and fabulous! I wear dresses or skirts almost everyday and I swear they make me feel prettier and happier! Can't wait to see what the "deal of the day" is today!
P.S. Thank you for introducing me to Lynn's blog! I love checking in with her daily. Her fashion show was delightful!

Lynn said...

Michele, I want some boots like that! I'll have to start looking for the winter sales.