February 09, 2010

day two of secondhand rose glad-rags show!

day two of skirt-wearing week...
in the snowiest part of the year...
finds me very pleasantly surprised!
i thought dressing up, would have a stifling effect on me....
but no, it's the complete opposite.
i seem to have more energy for doing domestic
work. maybe that's why maids used to wear dresses?
(think alice... brady bunch)
skirt: $3.49 goodwill.
you're probably thinking... aren't her feet cold? well, yes. yes
they are. but, i pulled off my chunky handmade wool socks, so
you could see my footless tights. which, by the way... are
totally fun to wear! footless tights: $1.49.

looks like someone needs their roots done! aside from that... i pulled my hair back in a rhinestone headband, i found at a garage sale. .25 cents.

i'll end with showing you a picture of my valentine's tree.
it's barbie-doll pink, with bright pink lights!
my cousin robin gave it to me.
the color illuminates the entire house...
(remember, my house is teeny-tiny!)...
i would love to keep it up year round!
it makes me happy.
teresa in texas, marti and janet m...
thanks for helping name Xylona-Xena Xango.
look for her and your names in my sidebar!
smile, wink, nod!

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Michele, I love your skirt! That is beautiful. The headband, too, is so pretty. Isn't it fun to dress up every day? ;)

I love your valentine tree. I think I might have to do one of those!