February 08, 2010

second-hand rose day 1

my very sweet friend, lynn at a mother's journal, inspires me daily.
last week, was no exception.
she enjoys wearing skirts and dresses, practically everyday!
last week she gave us viewers a little delightful daily fashion show.
adding the price of what she paid for her
unique items...most found at thrift shops!
that said... i thought it would be fun to be lynn for a week.
what would it be like to wear a skirt or dress everyday?
will it slow me down? will i be chilly? will i follow-thru?
i'm challenging myself...
to get out of my jeans and tennis shoes and brad's sweatshirt.
that's right... me in a skirt or dress everyday for a week!
starting today, i'll be giving you a "second-hand rose" cyber fashion show!
(hopefully, you'll enjoy and be inspired to take the challenge!)
*black sequined pull-over top $3.42 at goodwill
*khaki skirt from faded glory $1.49 at goodwill
acrylic leg warmers $3. at wally world
ug copycats a christmas gift
paul mitchell freeze and shine hairspray $1.49 goodwill
total: $8.00
(all will mix and match!)
now.... how about this deal? free burts bee toothpaste sample?


Lynn said...

Oh, I love the name! Second-hand rose. You look lovely! I can't wait to see how you feel after a few days of this. You may love it! You made some good purchases.

Your pal,

Anonymous said...

You are just too cute for words!!

jamie said...

What a great idea! You look so cute! :-)