February 12, 2010

2nd hand rose fashion show! day 5

day 5 at the second hand rose fashion show.
i'm still loving the skirt and dress days!
i have no complaints whatsoever... except
i could use more printed skirts. but, that's the
fun of thrift store shopping, right?
1st snap: black hoop earrings. i bought them very cheaply at walmart... 3 on one card for $5. 1 pair of black, 1 pair of silver and 1 pair of a really pretty red.
2nd and 3rd snap: my mom bought me this tee-shirt dress w/ an empire waist. since it's cold and damp in michigan... i pulled on a long sweater over top of it. the sweater came from the church thrift shop... .25 cents.
so. what do i think of wearing skirts and dresses everyday?
will i do it on a regular basis? yes. i've thoroughly enjoyed it. my husband, (surprise to me!) really likes it. i thought he would tease me all week... but instead, was disappointed when he came home yesterday, to see me in my workout clothes.

i thought i'd share another snap of my valentine's decorations.
i recycled three animal cracker boxes, from our homeschool co-op...
and thought they'd be a cute little ornaments on our tree!
happy friday night! smile, wink, nod!


Mitzi Curi said...

Good job with the fashion finds, Michele! I wanted to mention that I used your picture of the ice wreaths and linked to your blog in my most recent blog post. Happy Valentine's Day, Mitzi

Sue said...

I've enjoyed the fashion show this week. I wish we had more thrift shops around here, especially for adults.

Lisa said...

I used to try to wear dresses, but somehow I got out of the habit. Maybe I should try again.

~Byn There said...

I think you have a secret calling to be a fashion model....

I'll wear skirts in the warm weather, hmmm but maybe I'll do a wool one to church next weekend, we'll see. I have two beautiful wool skirt and jacket sets someone gave me that I've never worn yet. Perhaps I should give them a go....watch I'll wear wool and it will be 55 degrees that day!! Bring it!

Nicole Dodson said...

I'm having so much fun meandering through your blog Michelle! Although I must confess, there are about a million other things I should be doing with my time... I have a passion for thrift stores and garage sales as well, so I'm living vicariously through your excellent finds! Thanks!

Nicole Dodson

P.S. you inspired me and my ice wreath is in the freezer!!!