February 14, 2010

i'm thinking this dude's socks have to go!
how about you?
happy valentine's day!
what kind of plans do you have for today?
my plans include: church,
grocery shopping-we're totally out of everything!,
listing some things on ebay, and probably a low
carb dinner... since we'll be fondue-ing with
chocolate and fruit! finally... i bought my
very own fondue pot- new in the box, never
opened at goodwill. the only problem is... it's red.
not pink. not aqua or turquoise. but fire-engine
red. bright. but, cheap as i am... for $2.99, i will
just pretend that it's pink.
smile, wink, nod.
as close as this man's wife (yes, let's think it's his wife) is sitting...
it's probably a good thing his shirt is untucked. tee hee hee!


Lisa said...

You don't like red?

Anonymous said...

ooooh fondue..fun :)- Janet M