February 16, 2010

my aunt joyce sent me such a cute article, which was in country living magazine.
she knew, i'd jump on this quick craft as soon as i could! and i did.
all you do is........ gather a few clean bottles, bowls, even a lampshade! find interesting
knit sweaters that you no longer need or purchase at a thrift store. plug your hot glue gun in.
then, slide the sleeve of the sweater over the bottle. measure, cut and fold the bottom to
the bottom of the glass... hot glue it into place.

this is how my finished project turned out!
i need to venture out and pick a winter bouquet of dried weeds
to stick in the bottles! i think dried goldenrod should do the trick!

i just love this bowl.
i used an old knit hat from the gap.
i wiggled it on the bowl and made a knit rosette!
and topped it off with a vintage button!
it sits on my coffee table...
holding my rug hook, scissors and sewing odds and ends.
so now, why don't you meander into your closet... pull out that shrunken cotton sweater that you never wear... rinse out a soy sauce bottle
and make a vase!
it's fun.
it's addicting.
it's a fun-addiction!
smile, wink, nod!


Sue said...

These are so cute!!! You have given me some great ideas on how to decorate our house when it is finished being built!!!

Lisa said...

Oh wow, those are so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

These were good. and looked like I could even make. jm

Auntie Joyce said...

I knew you would make some..they look easy and just your cup of tea! Glad I sent the article to you....Auntie Joyce

Mitzi Curi said...

Michele, your finished projects using the knits are so cute! I've done something similar with lace, but for winter this is the perfect craft! Thanks for the inspiration!