February 24, 2010

no more boring brownie blues!

i know you've been wondering, "how can i make my brownies-not so boring..
... not so blah in that rectangular baking pan?"
and not to mention how miserable they looked when cut... crumbly and gooey.
well friends... sleep easy tonight! because i found a fun trick!

drum roll.......
i mixed a betty crocker mix up, poured half the batter into one of these bowls and the other half in the other bowl. make sure to spray-grease the bowl for easy-slide out! bake as directed on the package--but you'll need to watch the time yourself-because of thickness! then i just sprinkled a little powdered sugar over the plate, turned out the baked brownie cake onto a plate and antique bowl, then sprinkled some more powdered sugar. humbly, i think it looks pretty impressive. and it was so super easy to do! i imagine, you could use any bowl that's oven-safe.
see now, aren't you glad you came here?
your boring brownie blues are over!
smile, wink, nod!


Lisa said...

I made brownies tonight! YUMMMMMMMY! But boring old 9x13. No problem though. They'll be gone tomorrow! lol

jamie said...

Yummy! :-)