February 25, 2010

i did it. i finished the grapes of wrath. the book was spectacular. outside of the bible, it's the best i've ever read. the beginning was slow and i admit, i wondered what i got myself into. as the story progressed with a titanical thrust, i felt i actually had a relationship with the characters and a certain connection. i felt steinbeck's voice echoing in my head... as if he was reading it to me. his simultaneous writing levels of human existence reflects much of what is happening today, 2010. the greed. families loosing homes, their dignity, farms and traumatic job loss, big business slaughtering small business, and yes those of us drawing on the spirituality of each other to survive in these times, our commitment to fellow man and the earth we inhabit. i will most defiantly be reading this again. and again. and again. yes-it's that good. the grapes of wrath, is a lyric in the battle hymn of the republic. in turn, the battle hymn of the republic refers to biblical passage in revelations 14:19-20.

in the souls of the people, the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.

okay... now that i spilled my passion for this profound nobel prize winner... how about taking a look at this recycled pillow i made out of dyed fleece (i used kool-aid) and recycled flowers from an old skirt. the pillow- retro green from the 70's came from goodwill. .99 cents.

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Lisa said...

I'll have to give it a read, Mich! I think I may have read it back in high school; I know I read some Steinbeck. But I don't remember it. :-)