February 23, 2010


here lies part of my collection of empty canning jars. obediently lined up in a disorganized fashion. they were once filled with treats from last summer's harvest. pizza sauce. raspberry jam. pears. pickles. all kinds of pickles. applesauce. they're just waiting around in my basement... for another six months until they can be water-bathed and be the holding tank for 2010's harvest.
but i said to myself.... "myself, why not fill up those good jars with homemade mixes?" cookie mixes, bread mixes, soup mixes. so that's my plan. and i think i will really like having things organized and pre-mixed, with the recipe attached to the jar.
now the best part.... this website!
everything from rice mixes to pie mixes.
smile, wink, nod!


Sue said...

Perfect timing! I have been wondering how to make these mixes, especially for year round gifts!

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the website, I saved it in my favorite places- Janet M