January 31, 2010

treats for the birds and my neighbor!

today, i made treats for the birds!

i used outdated rice cakes. smashed up old cereal, bird seed, crackers and baby cereal in a big bowl. on one side of the cake, i spread peanut butter. the other thick shortening. then i dipped each side into the bowl of mix. i also spread shortening on the edges of the cakes-- and rolled them (like a tire) in the mixture.

i threaded a quilting needle with heavy green string
and pushed it through the center of the cakes...
and hung them out on the patio!

i stuffed the leftover suet mix into a mesh bag...
the kind oranges come in.
then i pulled on my snow pants,
hat and scarf and walked across the field to our disabled,
sweet neighbor's house
... and hung it outside his kitchen window!
he gave me the thumbs up- through the window!
smile, wink, nod!

brought to you by the letter t.

1 comment:

Mitzi Curi said...

I've always thought rice cakes were "for the birds" to begin with! I'm glad to see someone using them for their intended purpose!