January 30, 2010


letter S on saturday!
and no...
your eyes aren't blurry...
my camera battery is low.
so, let's see what's going on in the snaps above:
sunless tanning cream: nothing like a little tan to boost my winter mood! i have the best luck with L'Oreal rub on tanner. dry's quick and evenly. available at discounters. walmart.
favorite shoes. okay, you're right... they're not shoes, they're boots. but i love them as if they were shoes. not ugs. can't afford those... but these are just as nice and warm and comfy, too! found at payless shoes.
never, never, never... was i a scarf type person. oh sure, i admired them on other people... but the thought of something being tied around my neck, made me gasp for breath. i received one for christmas, from my cousin robin... i love it. really, i do. i've been wearing it almost everyday... where ever i go. double wrapped. oh, and it's so warm on my neck. i feel lost without it! you can't really tell by the snap... but it goes with everything.
other news: this weekend, i was suppose to go on a winter camp-out with 25 boy scouts and other parents. i didn't. my son sprained his ankle in homeschool gym class... so instead, this morning, we headed out to camp... in 10 degree weather. to a cabin in the backwoods of horse country. i originally was going to hike and snap... but, instead dropped tommie off for the day. when i went to pick him up, he had fallen on the ice and smacked his head pretty good. baby aspirins are not taking away the pain of his foot or head. i am hoping for a restful night for him. and all of us. smile, wink, nod.

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Sue said...

Poor guy...Praying that Tommie feels better soon and that you both had a restful night.