January 29, 2010


letter r: recycled.
we sure do go through a lot of salad bacon bits around here. the kind that you buy in glass bottles like the ones above. i recycle them.. and other cute little glass jars... then when the mood strikes... i have fun embellishing them. painting the outside. slapping stickers on them. you get the idea. next time you feel like tossing your jar out... take a good hard look at it.... what can you do with it?

recently, i picked up this pink and brown striped wool sweater,
in the kids section of goodwill. the kids clothes are all .99 cents. but, me being the tightwad i am... found this to be 1/2 price. .50. recycling is what i had in mind...
last night i hacked and cut it up... into oven mitts, pot holders and eyeglass cases. i'll either sew them up for gifts or try to sell them in my shabby chic booth this summer.

looking at this snap... i realize i have the flower on the wrong side... an oven mitt needs to be right handed. errrrr... unless you're left handed? smile, wink, nod.

1 comment:

jamie said...

I'm left handed, so it looks fine to me. ;-)
Good creative ideas for recycling and you did a very nice job on painting your jars-pretty!
Happy Friday to you!