January 10, 2010

letter g

hello girlfriends!
my oh my....have i been busy being green, today!
and, happily frugal, too!

see how my dishes sparkle and glow? i made homemade dish-washer detergent!
gosh-oh-golly....what's the secret, you're wondering?
here's my frugilly-earth friendly recipe:
1 part arm and hammer washing soda and 1 part borax. then fill the little rinse cup with white vinegar. that's it... i'm serious.... the dishes came out squeaky clean~ after i realized how fantastic the dishes came out.... i made a big batch to keep under the sink!

next up... i successfully made two breathtaking batches of powedered laundry detergent. why am i using breathtaking as an adjective, here? because... the recipe called for castile soap- which i found on sale in the organic isle at kroger's... and it's almond-scented! it smells luscious.

my brad, figured out that the batches probably cost me about .50 cents each, to make. i'm not sure how many loads i'll get... but i have 1/3 of the bucket above filled~ i doubled the batch.

here's the recipe, below:

this weekend...
i finished the outstanding, new york times bestseller, the red tent. my opinion? although this was historical fiction and does not accurately follow the Bible... i think the author did a stellar job... pulling one line out of the book of genesis and creating a captivating, 300 plus page book about a lady the Bible only mentions once. talk about someone having a brilliant imagination... the author deserves a nod. and lots of them~
smile, wink, nod.


~Byn There said...

Two things:

[Pertaining to the 'g' post]Careful what you're sniffin'...remember the herb inspired rash incident! Oh!

And, OMG I just grabbed "The Red Tent" from the sale shelf at the North Branch Library...it did look intriguing and now I have a testimony to support it.

Anonymous said...

ooh I love castile..and almond scented, even better!- Janet M