January 12, 2010


handmade and homemade!
(letter h)
how sweet is this? handy, too!
my cousin knitted this little mini-tote for me for chirstmas!
i love the charm she attached to it. love the colors'.... both my all-time favorite!
one of the christmas gifts, i came up with.... for my hard to buy-for mom and her husband, was a "once-a-month" complete dinner. they both work everyday... and i thought not having to think of "what's for dinner?" would be a welcome gift.... once a month. so, today... i will be in the kitchen whipping up a complete dinner, including dessert (which they don't normally do). i can't tell you what it is... because my mom reads my blog and i want it to be a surprise... how about if i tell you tomorrow? smile, wink, nod!
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jamie said...

What a nice idea for the dinners! Homemade is always so much more personal, in my opinion.

MICHELE said...

thanks jamie... love your support! mich