January 07, 2010

eleven words that begin with the letter e and my comments!
eccentric: if you are.... then i want to be your friend!
early: never... i always run late. always.
educate: there's something to be said about self-education. which is what i am emerged in.
ego: want inner peace? loose your ego!
euchre: love it. love to play fast!
explore: i'd like to explore switzerland or sweden or the english countryside... on a bike, with a picnic basket full of fruit, french bread, cheese and wine... and stack of good books!
eyeshadow: just recently found a smokey brownish-rustish color by clinique... i've been wearing it all the time. sometimes you have to try something new.
euphuism: not something easy for me to understand... but, i won't give up.
encumber: i hope i don't.
eaten: last thing i ate? leftover lasagna and wedge of beer bread... note.... see how bloated my belly is in the picture above?
earrings? big, shiny silver hoops. always. regardless of what i'm wearing. they go with everything.
thanks to my handy desk dictionary for helping me come up with definitions and meanings to such eclectic words. hence, self-education! smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

LOL Love your post! I'm afraid that, yes, I might be a bit eccentric...my dh might have mentioned it once or twice... although I think he used a different term. ;-) I like all your "E" words. Very fun!
Lasagna sounds fantastic! Have a blessed day and stay warm!

~Byn There said...


Lisa said...

I love finding perfect eyeshadow. Then it usually gets discontinued. lol

Michelle said...

I've become a regular reader of your blog and am enjoying your A-B-C posts, especially this one!

By the way, I'm a silver hoop earrings girl, too- I don't leave home without them! I tried your beer bread recipe and my husband loved it! Thanks for sharing your thrifty tips, recipes and fun personality!