January 06, 2010

dropping in here, mid-day, today... to tell you about a super good deal! click here for a super easy-peasy printable FREE COUPON GOOD FOR ANY 3 oz. or 3.4 oz. travel size downy wrinkle release mist. you didn't here this from me... but there is no coupon limit. even if you don't use it or think you won't... take advantage and donate it to your church, neighbor, sister or someone who may!

oh, and check out this vintage drawer organizer, i found for .25 cents. it is now home to my collection of rainbow colored BIC markers. i just love the retro-ish color, don't you? they just don't make turquoise organizers anymore!


Anonymous said...

oooh love the organizer! looks like the Caboodle makeup organizer I had when I was a teenager- Janet M

~Byn There said...

Thanks for everything Mich.
You're tops on my list for so many reasons. Just keep being you!