December 29, 2009

tuesday's trash talk:

-christmas tree is down.

-all decorations put away. we were all getting claustrophobia.

-walk-in pantry cleaned out and organized.

-main basement area cleaned and organized.

-re-arranged living room.

-vacuumed in places that have been horribly neglected. found popcorn kernels in the strangest places.

-took the handy-dandy magic sponge to everything imaginable. love that little white sponge! have you tried it?

-hauled: 4 large garbage bags of out to garage....not in spiked-heeled, toe-crunching heels. more like old sweat pants, old tennis shoes and no-make-up. not a pretty sight. but a job well done.

-dinner? a complete smorgasbord hodge-podge of leftovers of several different meals. think: twisted dinner buffet. nice to have the refridge cleaned out.

-made a drop off at goodwill. picked up receipt for tax write-off.

-need to: clean kitchen cupboards out. organize closets and weed out clothes from the 1980's... regardless if they were my favorites! organize craft room in the basement. wonder if i'll ever scrapbook again? it's been forever.

-want to: decoupage bookmarks, read more of the red tent, watch a few of dvd's that my brad and tommie won't want to see... the queen, elizabeth and same time, next year (rented them at the library).

now... time to shut the lid on the laptop and organize some more! or decoupage!

smile, wink, nod.

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