December 30, 2009

resoultions. do you have any?

new year's resolutions.
do you have any?
i do. i've already begun.
the horse is out of the gate, if you will.
want to see my list:
organize the house and purge. purge a lot.
eat less carbs and lift weights
drink more water
read more. and read a lot.
continue to let my hair grow.
i want to be one of those 50 hear old ladies
with long hair in a ponytail. mother-earthy type.
join a bible study group
join the book club with our homeschool support group
read my entire set of Audubon nature encyclopedias this winter
happy wednesday!


Lisa said...

Joining the book club is the easiest one on there! Except maybe the water drinking! Mark your calendar for Jan 23!

~Byn There said...

FCFC has a couple woman's bible study groups going on during the week, call and find out times if you're interested 667-0075