December 10, 2009

reading and playing.

and trying to get over a sinus headache.
and hoping to get out christmas shopping soon.
and hoping to make some sweet little christmas crafts.
and hoping for a huge snowstorm.
and hoping my amazon order comes soon.
and hoping my snapfish pictures come for christmas cards soon.
now, i'm off for a super hot shower, soft pajama's and a soft pillow to land on. sweet dreams!


Lisa said...

Hope your headache has vanished!

jamie said...

Hope your feeling better, Michele. And that tomorrow holds good things. :-)

MICHELE said...

thanks lisa and jamie... my headache woke me up in the middle of the night... i popped two motrin and woke up this morning much better.

happy am i!

Anonymous said...

Shelly, Just don't know how you keep up this blog. I have been trying to write a christmas letter and can't get it done. I give you lots of credit. I love to read it. love you most AJ