December 09, 2009

what's in the bag?

for just pennies, last fall i picked up a stack of vintage linens and fabrics. after washing and pressing them and cutting them up... i pulled out my sewing machine and started creating reusable gift bags. on one of the linen's, i cut and pasted some quirky clip art and ran it through the printer. then, i very shabbily sewed the clip art to the linen. below, you'll see a couple of the bags, which i made out of a cross-stitched pillowcase.

now, i betcha you're wondering what's inside those gift bags? well, i'll tell you.... it's "dilly beer bread mix," inside a ziplock bag. i attached a holiday brad to close the bag and printed off the recipe and how-to instructions. the recipients will also get a can of beer to add to the mix.
(below is a snap of the beer bread after it's baked.. i like putting the bread into different sized bowls and baking.)

the mix is super easy to make... just take 3 cups of self-rising flour and 3 Tablespoons sugar. you can add any herb you'd like or none at all. i added dill seed to my mix, because i have tons of it leftover and dried from my garden. i've also had this with basil and parmesan cheese.

this is the recipe i attached. you are more then welcome to use it... just copy and paste and print it off.

dilly beer bread in just 30 minutes!

Spray a bread pan and it’s sides.
Pour a can of beer in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 1 minute or slightly longer.. Just enough to warm up the beer. Then, dump the beer bread mix in a bowl and add the warm beer. Mix real good. Pour into your greased bread pan. Put the good-smelling bread dough into a cold oven. Shut the door and turn the oven on 350*. Bake for 45-50 min.

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