December 11, 2009

friday fill-in!
*my answer's are in bold.

1. You get the freedom to choose kindness.

2. no one has the right to cloud your future, hurt your body or rob you of your self-respect.

3. It's winter time and man it's so cold in michigan!

4. obama's nobel peace prize and when he and michele were waving like they were eva peron' in argentina was utterly ridiculous! i'm just saying..... (got that from penny and robyn)

5. I feel that christmas is way to commercial and i loathe giving gifts made in china. what do i really want for chirstmas? marine glue, mod podge, a big bag of barley flour and the dvd: mr. magoriam's wonder emporium.

6. soon i will be saying...goodnight!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight i'm looking forward to another super-hot shower with soft pajama's and falling right to sleep, tomorrow my plans include another cowboy christmas show in lansing... cattle (beef) and Sunday, i intend to honker down and christmas shop and run christmas errands.

Happy Weekend and I'll be back soon!


Mod Podge Amy said...

Love your #5 - I feel exactly the same way! :D

jamie said...

Ditto--I also feel exactly the same--amen!
Hope you have a successful day in Lansing! :-)

Anonymous said...

I hear you too Michelle.. As much as I enjoy Christmas and all, I am seriously looking forward to when it is over.. Christmas music has been on the stations here since Oct 30 ( ugh)- Janet M

~Byn There said...

Christmas / Consumerism ....don't get me started!

Hope you're headache free this week.