December 14, 2009

well now... just what have i been up to these past few days? for starters... today, i went to the walk-in clinic. i've had a terrible ear ache for the past couple of weeks.. to the point where the last few days, i've had severe jaw pain. my husband said it was effecting my personality and that i HAD to get help.
so, this is the room i sat in while waiting. and waiting. and waiting for the doctor to saunter in. the doctor, who was shorter then me (i'm 5 foot 1), came in, and in his best middle eastern voice asked me what was wrong. i couldn't help but notice he resembled ghandi. i told him about my jaw pain and ear pain and he asked... "you jump in any rivers lately?" trying not to smile and giggle, i asked him what he said? again, he said.... "you jump in any rivers lately?" yeah, okay.. that's what i thought you said. ugh, no. no i haven't. not that i remember anyway. i mean it is 25 degrees in michigan and river jumping is just not as common as one would think around here. ends up i have a sinus infection and have pain meds and antibiotic drops.

i was pleased as punch on saturday! my cousin robin called to have me come and work in lansing for her. at the MSU pavilion beef show. the cow smell was overwhelming... hay and manure and wet cows with long hair. aside from that... it was so much fun working and selling bling to the show girls and their families. and visiting with farmers. such good, good people. wholesome and honest. hardworking and real.

i loved the atmosphere... i loved taking a break and walking through the stalls of 2,000 cows, all moo-ing and moo-ing. i loved seeing the young children so involved in such life lessons that you can't get in textbooks.

this is just one section of my cousin's booth. can't wait to do it again! smile, wink, nod!


Holly said...

My mom calls that dr. the Ancient One lol. And he always says crazy things to us too. I'm glad he got you fixed up and I hope you feel better.

Lisa said...

Hope you're feeling better! And, do all doctor's offices look alike? LOL