October 19, 2009

yesterday, finally.... we had a nice fall day in michigan. it's been below normal for like 21 days or so. after a beautiful morning at our spunky church; where they played "me and becky," (click on me and becky for the lyrics)...hard and loud... i opted to spend the day outside in my gardens plucking dry flower seeds, digging up glads and cleaning my garden knick-knacks up for the winter.

our family of sandhill cranes came by to visit. they love our field. this is the third year in a row they've stopped by...before heading south.

we have a ton of these beautiful wild grapes growing along our property line. i need to google how to dye with them. they are much to precious not to use in someway.

this is one of my favorite scrubby trees on our property line. it has beautiful springtime blossoms and in the fall, beautiful hard orange berries. if you know what this is... please let me know. rhonda, if you're out there.... any ideas?
verses based on our church service:
acts 20:35, matthew 19:27-30, matthew 25:21 and mark8:35


jamie said...

Michele, I'm really not sure, but could it be bittersweet? Maybe you could use it in a pretty wreath or something. I have made jam with those kind of wild grapes before. It turned out wonderful. Beautiful country...love the sand cranes. Have a very blessed week. :-)

Lisa said...

I agree - it's about time for some lovely autumn weather! Have been enjoying it!