October 16, 2009


now playing: i rented the movie the "witness," from our library... with harrison ford... young harrison ford. the movie was recommended by our pastor last sunday. we watched a you tube video during the service... and it looked interesting.

dinner was: homemade minestrone soup and salad and bakery bread. no, i didn't have any bread. still staying away from carbs.

latest craft: the penny rug pin cushion in the snap above. i made it at one of my mom's classes.

best phone call today: when the library called to tell me my loaned books were in! nice, big order.

very cool freebie: red gold's free tote bag. click here!

weird reoccurring dream: more like a nightmare.... i've had several dreams in a row that i'm at our homeschool co-op and i've not prepared for either of the classes i teach.

what i think of balloon boy and his family? i think it's a hoax. did you see the young boy get sick to his stomach on national television this morning? i'm thinking child protection needs to get their head out of the sand and start interrogating.


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Lisa said...

The pillow is so sweet! Love the colors!

It's been a long time since I've seen Witness, but I remember it being very good.