October 20, 2009

garden organizer!

whenever i'm outside working in the gardens, i'm always wishing i had an apron on, so i can carry supplies in. recently, at the salvation army, i found this garden-green tote for $2.99. it's a heavy canvas... perfect for outdoor toting! now.... let's take a look at what's inside:

see right there? that's one of my homemade fingerless gloves that i embellished with a funky felt patch! fingerless gloves are so nice to use outside in michigan! and fun to make, too!

now... what else is in my little garden tote? pistachio colored spray paint, empty and clean baby food jars for seed storing, scissors, clippers, cell phone, digital camera, large lime green paper bag for gathering glad bulbs and sweet annie seeds.

how did i ever live without this? smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

wow, sounds like God had that bag picked out for you and was waiting for you to come and get it!- Janet M

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Is that green paint for those annoying dry grass patches lol?