October 22, 2009

wild turkey and green friendly rebel!

i just made a batch of these 100% recycled wool pin cushions! they were a blast to make... deciding on colors and recycled thread! the process of felting the fabric together wasn't green friendly... my whirlpool dryer can vouch for that... but sometimes a girl and her dryer, has to rebel against green in the name of cuteness.

below: a snap of the top. which is silly-cute. and frankly, the most interesting part of the palm-sized craft.

hopefully, i'll be selling some of these in my etsy shop. if not, i know the ladies in my circle would appreciate them for a little extra christmas gift.

now... it's off on a homeschool fieldtrip. tommie and i will be dissecting a wild turkey and plucking it's feathers this morning. it was roadkill. and the person who found it thought we would just love using it for a homeschool lesson. you bet your sweet bippy, we'll be taking pictures... stay tuned.

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