October 23, 2009

plucking feathers!

yesterday, for self-directed un-homeschooling, we decided to pluck feathers off a wild turkey. which had been roadkill. we'll be using the feathers today in one of the classes i teach at our homeschool co-op. it was amazing how God made this critter... the feathers are so beautiful... like He took a paintbrush to them. shades of beautiful blue and all shades of brown. what a sensational mix! and to see how strategically placed each feather is woven into the spine! will be using some of the skin and bones for further science study. we also found a dead frog... which will be perfect to dissect. it's in my freezer, marked: frog.
happy friday.

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jamie said...

Oh, my GOODNESS! lol I think you should win the reward for coolest homeschool mom ever. ;-)