October 24, 2009

6 really creepy places for me....

i found a fun little saturday meme and thought i'd give it a try...
it's called the saturday six: name six places you find really creepy and why:
1. unfinished michigan basements. the kind that have dirt floors and old stone walls. they smell moldy. and, i'm afraid of mice and critters that may be lurking.
2. old attics. i'm always afraid a bat will fly and get tangled in my locks.
3. downtown detroit and downtown flint. both are so dirty and depressing.... so many abandoned buildings and graffiti.
4. houses that have junk and trash in their yard. the kind that have pumpkins still on their porch in december. and their plastic petunia plant hanger with dried flowers hanging out of it... with snow blanketing them. how hard is it to take it to the trash???
5. it's really creepy to be in outhouses at my son's boy scout camp. i'm sure you agree.
6. and lastly, it's creepy for me to be in a slaughter house or where they're processing raw meat. it's just not a pretty place to be for me. and the smell is just way to much. weak stomach defines me.


jamie said...

Yeah, I'm with you there. Those are all pretty creepy! Not sure which is the worst. I am thinking the outhouse thing...lol

Anonymous said...

My dad was doing the raw meat thing yesterday cutting up a huge slab of beef and there was blood on the counter and it very much grossed me out, so I hear you..and about the spiders and michigan basements and bats- Janet M