October 25, 2009

seeds. do you save them? i do. if you do too, check out this site for free printable seed packets. some are well, sort of tacky... others quite cute. click here: free printable seed packets!
other late saturday night and sunday stuff: watched the movie (disney's) three musketeers, boy scout event: launching rockets, quirky church, a sunday morning visit at the in-laws with tim horton's pumpkin doughnuts and muffins, cut and hoping to root four mulberry trees, homeschool lesson planning, major grocery shopping, grilled pork chops on bbq, carved a pumpkin, two loads of laundry, baked and froze squash, packaged ebay and etsy stuff up, made homemade fabric softener. looking ahead for tonight: hot shower with good lotion follow-up, nice soft pillow, lots of soft blankets and a good book!


Anonymous said...

mmmm Tim Horton's donuts..miss those..your wknd sounds great- have a blessed week- Janet M

jamie said...

Thanks for the seed packet templates. I do save veggie seeds, so this is great! Pumpkin doughnuts...oh, my goodness, those sound to die for!