October 26, 2009

let's go shopping!
visit my etsy shop: click here!
visit my ebay page: click here!
i'll be adding more soon! smile, wink, nod!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm! Pumpkin donuts sound yummy and 'fall-ish'. I had pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon apples on top Saturday morning. They were yummy! Gonna have to find that recipe online.

Anonymous said...

I check out your etsy store on a regular basis. I am looking for a vintage children's book in particular called " Phoebe and the Hot water bottles". It is on Ebay for $ 175.--Janet M

~Byn There said...

Hey! Couple things.
1) I have some more blessings for you that you can use in crafty ways I'm sure.
2) I have a collection of Beatrix Potter figurines and books that my mother collection for me for years. If you'd like perhaps I could bring them in to share with your co-op class. lmk
Looks like all is well at the Peasley Palace.