September 16, 2009

my patio!

we've sure been blessed these first couple of weeks in michigan... we've had just beautiful indian summer days!
i've been submerged in homeschool lessons and activities, i went to a phenomenal homeschool writing workshop on monday night, a scout meeting on tuesday night and this afternoon found me decorating our patio for fall!

tommie and i collected old dead branches and wired them vertically to our deck beams. next, i strung a green heavy cord from branch to branch.... the east and north side are decorated!

i sent tommie out to the field to cut sunflower heads, gourds and sweet annie. the mini pumpkins above are a surprise from my friend rhonda (thank-you!)

the pictures sure don't do this earthly extravaganza justice! i used clothes pins to hang: basil, dill, peppers and sweet annie from the green cord! the very first picture shows a tea cup and old spoon i tied up to the mix!

i found a place for my hanging candle holder, too! i thought this mini-pumpkin would like resting here!

i marine glued a cake plate to a candlestick and made a sunflower birdfeeder out of it. i guess you'd call it a cake-plate-sunflower-feeder, ugh?

if this tin bucket wasn't so old... i'd love to paint a face on the front of it... couldn't you see some quirky looking picasso knock-off on the front and a sunflower head for hair?
smile, wink, nod!
p.s. click on over to my homeschool blog to see what we've been up to! click here

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~Byn There said...

You're right it's really hard to tell what exactly is going on, I'll just have to stop by and check it out in person. I'm hoping to help with the Pastor's luncheon tomorrow (Thu) maybe I'll swing by on the way home.