September 13, 2009

roseville pottery!

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i've never.... in my wildest dreams, ever expected to find a piece of roseville pottery in any goodwill or salvation army store. until last week. and, get this.... it was at our local goodwill!

upon spotting it, i let out a loud gasp... embarrassing enough to make other customers around me take note! this gem, which is about 12 inches long, had absolutely no chips or flaws.

my hands shaking and eyes closed, i turned it over to find the price! i opened one eye... it was (drum roll)..... $2.99! exhale, gasp and holding tightly, i no doubt bought it.

it's a perfect match to my house. but, i know this babe will bring in a whopping couple of hundred dollars or more on ebay. so, while i'm enjoying it now... within a few weeks, i'll say goodbye and put it up for auction.

perhaps i could make this picture my screen saver? that way i'll sort of still "have it," right? smile, wink, nod!


jamie said...

Good find! It's beautiful and I think the screen saver idea is great. Happy Sunday!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I can't remember the last time I found anything even remotely amazing at Goodwill...what a score. Congrats

MICHELE said...

thanks friends!

Lisa said...

wow! that's a great find! I wouldn't have known.

Anonymous said...