September 18, 2009

a week in review!

things that've happened in the last five days...
groceries... i've challenged myself to see if i could spend $30. or less each week for groceries. this week i spent $22. $6 dollars of that was a 12-pack of beer. although we don't drink at all.. i do need it for homemade basil beer bread! we're eating well and not going hungry. no pre-packaged food. no frozen packaged food. but i do spend more time cooking from scratch.
finished danielle steel's "a good woman" historical fiction novel. i've never ever been into danielle... but good golly i loved this one! very excellent! two thumbs up. i learned a lot about ww1 and the titanic.
i was invited to give a coupon-saving-grocery deal-freebie workshop, last night. it went very well! i think the ladies were inspired. and, i was inspired by their tips, too. a good night!
i'm working on a homemade purse... i hope to finish it up tomorrow and post snaps.
in the spring, i sprinkled a package of wildflower seeds. and would ya just look at this bright orange straw type flower? it's just about the size of my clenched fist... and has several more blossoms on it. i'll be pulling seeds from it... just as soon as i can!
this week, i applied the philosophy that less is more, with homeschooling. it's true. less is more. instead of a gazillion projects and workbooks and books and tight schedules... i was happy with the quality of what was learned... instead of the quantity.
tossing around a few good craft ideas in my head. they're cheap. they're quirky and useful. i hope to share them with you sometime this week.
will be making and canning apple juice this weekend. thinking maybe i should get a regular flu shot... not the h1n1. i'm anxious to start a new novel tonight.... just as soon as i click "publish post" on this entry!
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Looking forward to seeing your new purse! I agree with you about less being more with homeschooling. They seem to soak it in more if they aren't too overloaded. Good going on cooking from scratch, too!

MICHELE said...

thank you jamie... have a nice weekend! michele

Lisa said...

The blog is looking good! Grocery challenge sounds worthwhile!

Anonymous said...

don't get the flu shot yet. get it at end of october if you can. the shot lasts 4 months. does your family eat lentils or rice and beans? very cheap and tasty. Janet M