September 02, 2009

happiness to me is.....

happiness is... hauling an old ladder out to our apple trees and picking our own un-sprayed, un-fertilized apples. my old, white, tin container filled up quickly. i was able to pick 2 bushel baskets full. able to can about a dozen pints of applesauce. and will be canning more. how much applesauce does one family of three need? you might be thinking. ahhh well.... but i'll be giving it to neighbors and friends and our pastor.. for a winter-perk-me-up-prize!

so go ahead... play the game: happiness to me is_____________ (leave me a comment!) smile, wink, nod!


Anonymous said...

lemons..bright, citrus, sour- sweet lemons! I like to eat them, sprinkled with salt- Janet M

Lisa said...

Happiness is a new book by a favorite author. (Looking forward to Gabaldon's new one THIS MONTH! Squeee!!!!)

Hope you're enjoying the one I lent you.

Anonymous said...

Happiness is....a "freeze out". We pick a winter day when it's going to really cold all day, we open the windows in the master bedroom, shut the bedroom door, stay in our pjs, snuggle under a thick downy comforter and read books, play with the stuffed animals, drink hot chocolate, etc. We only do it once a winter ~ that keeps it really special. My son loves it (and so do I!).

We are still a long time away from a "freeze out" (95 degree highs are still in our forecast), but it's cooler in the mornings and we're getting a glimpse that the summer is changing.

I made a spiced peach butter yesterday. I only got 2 pints and 6 1/2 pints with the peaches I had....I need more peaches! Peach butter is a happiness treat for winter. :-)
Teresa in Texas

The Missus said...

Happiness to me is domesticity. I love taking care of my home, family and gardens!!!