September 03, 2009


i could of ate this entire spread of grilled garden vegetables. i picked white eggplant, green beans, dug up potato's, cut up a green pepper, and one big onion. tossed it with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and fresh basil. grilled it for 20 minutes. oooooh-la-la! and the burnt ones were the best!

other stuff? i made freezer soup with our garden vegetables: chicken tortellini and tomato-dill. we homeschooled.... not an easy day. click here for the justified details... and a little bit- ummm, i mean a lot of pre-teen attitude raging around and then ran errands. is it friday, yet?


jamie said...

Almost! Some days are like does get better, I promise. ;)
Your soups sound SO good! And the veggies-yum! I thought it was just me that liked the burnt parts. lol

MICHELE said...

Oh no Jamie.... I LOVE the burnt parts... even on homemade mac and cheese!

LMK, if you'd like the recipes for the freezer soups. I'll send them along to you.


jamie said...

I would love to have the recipes...thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

YUM ! that looks and sounds good.

Hey, you always do such a good job passing on wonderful freebies ~ here's a link I'd like to pass on to you with hopes that you will find something wonderful

Teresa in Texas

MICHELE said...

Thanks Teresa, for the link. I put it up on my Twisted Ed. blog.

Jamie... I'll post the links for the soup recipes in the morning.