September 01, 2009

10 sweet things!

ten sweet things on tuesday:
2. are you in the market for a couple of i love lucy era vintage aprons? check out my etsy shop! click here!
3. i enjoyed the rough housing of four boys in my home today. sounds of air soft guns, duck tape, wrestling, giggling and boy talk. and burping contests.... which i rolled my eyes and ignored. i have to be kids, right? no school today. click on my twisted education blog here for today's update.
4. while number 3 was happening, i managed to list bunches of junk on ebay, craigslist and etsy.
5. wearing a pink hoodie
6. a good trip through our local goodwill.
7. a shabby chic show opportunity to sell some of my treasures. which is a dream come true.... just out of the blue!
8. a pan of homemade brownies. ate up immediatley by the four boys and brad. okay, i ate one, too.
9. learning michelle duggar is pregnant with number 19.
10. another freebie here bear naked sample!


Lisa said...

I love wearing my pink hoodie! Wish I had it right now.

Mmm.... brownies.....

Anonymous said...

I love hoodies! and I like Michelle Duggar!- Janet M