August 31, 2009


my boy found this tree frog peeking out of our bluebird house yesterday! i brought it in the house, thinking we could play around with him, examine him and just have him visit us for a few hours before we set him free! honestly, i turned my head just slightly and he hopped away! panic set in... that adrenaline rush that makes you scurry about... looking every which way? i happened to glance sideways and found him stuck to the leg of one of my small tables! glad was i! i didn't exactly want to explain this to brad... he is much more uptight-out-of-sight then i am.
so, how about a bag of free potatoes? click here: potatoes!
we started back-to-homeschool lessons today. sure felt good! if you're interested in our day, click here: twisted education!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Love the friendly frog. They are one of my favorite animals. There is a lake nearby called frog lake where there are gazillions of them. They just make a person happy...ribbit.

Lisa said...