August 13, 2009

sand candles and one good friend...

first things first! thanks LISA! for fixing my blog comments. once again, i can now receive and read and try to respond to what your write. thank-you, thank-you lisa... i owe you big time!
second things second! my niece, nephews and sister-in-law were in for a couple of days this week... they live in chicago. we always try to do something funky and memorable. you know... the type of stuff they'll remember when they're all 79 years old, sitting around, talking about the good old days, while eating a jello fruit salad at a family reunion. can't you just picture what i mean?
so with this visit, the kids (and me, too!) made candles. i've had this on my to-do list forever. today it came into fruition. this is a really cheap craft. all the kids 11-21 had a blast! i chose to make the bright colored candles above!
thanks to this blogger: that artist woman for her easy directions/instructions and her fab how-to pictures.

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