August 11, 2009

potatoes, homeschooling, and free bags of dog food...

standing in front of redbox today, i pushed the button for this dvd... "faith like potatoes." we're watching it as i type! if you're interested in what it's about... click here: i'm interested in what it's about! so far, it looks to be a wonderful christian-family movie!
i also picked up two free bags of dog food at pet supply plus. here's a coupon for a free 4.4 lb bag. i only had to pay tax. one bag alone sells for $14.! phenomenal deal! you're welcome to print as many coupons out as you need. you might even pick a bag or two up for a friend!
last night, i went to a homeschooling through high school mini seminar. it was different. it validated many of my opinions on technology training at a young age and socialization.
today, i signed up for our homeschool co-op classes... if you're interested to see what we're doing click here: i'm interested in what they're doing!
dinner tonight? italian chicken, corn on the cob, long grain rice and fresh salads.
i miss reading your comments... smile, wink, nod.


Lisa said...

OK, now people can click on comments again. But does the blog look the same to you? I restored the default template, but it may have lost some modifications you created. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

sorry Michelle
I am soooo behind in reading your fantastic blog-- I have heard a lot of good things about " Faith Like Potatoes"! -Janet M

Anonymous said...

We watched that movie recently too and enjoyed it. :)