August 10, 2009

just peachy!

today was just peachy. the weather was wickedly humid (i truly love the humidity!)... making my hair spiral out of control. i spent all morning cleaning and pushing myself on the treadmill. i spent time with a good friend... ice cream (vanilla) and a walk through goodwill. a leftover spaghetti dinner and tonight i went to a mini seminar on homeschooling your high-schooler.
there's a reason for the peachy picture. recently, i had about a dozen peaches... very ripe. on-line, i found how you can freeze peach pie filling. so, i did. it's very easy....
combine gently:
sliced peaches (about a dozen)
1 cup of sugar
3 tbsp. flour
nutmeg and cinnamon to taste
line a pie plate with foil, pour the mixture into a pie plate (i made three pie fillings), stick the pie plates into the freezer, when froze, take out and pop out the pie filling and place into a freezer bag. discard foil. label and freeze. you can use this in peach pie or in a cobbler this winter!
yummmmmmmmmmm! smile, wink, nod.

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Anonymous said...

ooooh imagining a hot peach cobbler with juices running down your chin on a 2 degree January day--fantastic idea, thanks for sharing- Janet M