August 16, 2009

not spaghetti.... not even close!

no.... this isn't a pot of skanky looking spaghetti.

it's actually 100% wool yarn, that i found a goodwill. .35 cents a skein... i bought several (plus) skein's with this idea in mind:
one of my goals this summer, was to self-teach myself how to dye with kool-aid. i have an opportunity to learn how to crochet at our homeschool co-op... although i haven't asked the instructor... i'm sure there's always room for one more student, right? and, i've also had an invitation extended to me from brad's uncle, to learn how to knit-a-winter-reversible-winter-hat-on-a-loom. which, i look forward to.
for now, i will use this yarn to bind a rug that i've been hand-hooking. i'll post snaps of it when i'm done!
you have no idea how beautiful this yarn was... hanging in my apple tree to dry! just beautiful.... at least to my blue eyes.

so.... if you're interested in learning how to do this (so darn easy and fun!) here is the site i used: how to dye with kool-aid!


jamie said...

Wow, that will look very pretty! Being a knitter, I can tell you that was a sweet steal for 100% wool yarn! Some wools can run up to anywhere from 5.00 to 35.00 a skein or more! Way to go, Michele!

Lisa said...

I am hoping to learn Crochet too. I stood in Walmart and looked at the yarn and was just unsure of what to get. I should check the thrift stores, eh?

Holly said...

Here's a question... when you felt sweaters you use 100% wool, would it work if you used 100% cotton?? I know I should just try it and see. You'll have to pass on what you learn about crochet ;)

MICHELE said...

No Holly,
I think it has to be wool.

I'll be glad to show you how to crochet....if I do end up learning. Mich.