August 17, 2009

the great trade!

the great trade. it happened in my kitchen today. and it was good for everyone involved!
i made 8 containers of homemade vegetable broth for my mom, a freshly canned pint jar of sweet pickles, and gave her a few cheap things i picked up with coupons and a couple of tomato's!
she gave me 8 new, beautiful bath towels from kohls!
during that time..........
my brother-in-law stopped over to give us a gallon of honey and honeycomb- which is extracting in our kitchen. and he gave my mom a little jar of honey.
i gave him 6 bags of free dog food i had picked up at pet supply a handful of quizno's sandwich coupons.
my friend rhonda and i made a little deal to swap pizza sauce for spaghetti sauce. both homemade. and swap vegetables, if we have an abundance.
so ugh... maybe there is something to be gained from this wild recession? getting back to basics and giving. extending a hand to each other.... with no greenbacks attached. the way it used to be... and everyone feeling happy and fulfilled. and treasuring their freebies. now, that's for sure!

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Anonymous said...

great idea! -Janet M