August 21, 2009

friday fill-in!

is it friday already?
must be time to play... friday fill-in!
(my answers are in blue)

i remember spending every sunday at my grandparents farm when i was growing up... playing with my cousins: in the corn cribs, chicken coops, hay lofts and cow stalls, hide and seek, and making mud pies. laughing until our stomach's hurt and never wanting the fun to stop. to this day... my three cousins and i are tight. really tight.

dear dad, i want you to know we all miss you, your humor and laughter and your contagious, excellent attitude. you're thought of each and everyday and we all wish we could have your opinion on this wicked recession.

is that my joe cocker cd in my cd player? why yes, yes it is.... you can leave your hat on!

i'm trying to resist the temptation of devouring a freshly baked batch of lemon poppy seed cookies and strong cup of coffee.

i'm saving a comment in my comments link, just for you!

if i made a birthday list a crab leg dinner at red lobster, would definitely be on it!

and as for the weekend... tonight i'm looking forward to: a hot shower followed up by linen cotton body lotion, sneaking a lemon poppy seed cookie, finishing the book in my sidebar and sleeping deeply. tomorrow i'm planning on dropping tommie off at a boy scout community service project (last week he enjoyed working at the local farm fest with a few boy scouts), canning pizza sauce and homeschool planning and sunday my plans include no church... church is being held at a campground...which we're not attending-but will miss, and not too sure what else?


Anonymous said...

lemon poppy seed cookies and strong coffee! superb!- Janet M

MICHELE said...

as a matter of fact... i'm enjoying them as we speak! and yes Janet... they are superb! see you soon... mich.