August 20, 2009

farm and farm food!

the thing i love about this time of year... is the harvest and preserving of homegrown vegetables. my grandpa loved it, too! above is his picture! he was a farmer... grain and beef. i once heard on national public radio, that... farmers, good farmers are the most intelligent people on earth. i'm not sure those were the exact words.... but, you get the jist.. the program went on to say how farmers need to be: veterinarians, builders/handi-men, weathermen, mechanics, financial investors, agricultural scientists, electricains and have patience, and the list goes on. more often then not, farming isn't a career that is much revered. well, not to me... i just love farmers! such a hard... yet rewarding life. and, most all of the farmers i know... know God.

last night we had a delish dinner of stuffed zucchini boats.
i also had enough stuffing to stuff these peppers from our garden... i used taco rice, laura's lean beef, swiss chard, celery and onions all the veg's were plentiful in my backyard. i topped it with parmesan cheese and homemade bread crumbs. excellent... what especially made it was....the crunchy homegrown celery! the peppers are stuffed and in the freezer waiting for a cold fall night!

we have a super lot... lot, lot, lot of zucchini... i canned 4 jars of zucchini relish. i'm thinking this would be excellent on pita bread or a good cracker! and of course turkey hotdogs over an open fire!
smile, wink, nod.

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