August 22, 2009

where have you been all my life????

my oh my! why haven't i heard about this money-saving site before? it's called money saving mommy! okay, so the mommy part makes me cringe and roll my eyes... but the site made me do backflips! this is a free site that tells you whats on sale at local brick and mortar stores, discounters and grocery stores AND gives you tons of links for printable coupons! i haven't been posting my deals... but you can bet your sweet bippy i've been hauling them in!
yesterday, i canned 9 quarts of vegetable soup... using the veg's in the snap above. i also canned rhubarb-orange marmalade and today raspberry-blackberry-mulberry jam...
now, i'm off to money saving mommy to see what other deals i can take advantage of! you can too.... click here:

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Michele said...

Money Saving Mom has been my favorite site for almost two years now. Crystal posts some great deals!